Company Formation

Offshore Company formation

What does it take to set up a company Offshore? What documentation is required? What are the prerequisites and what is actually needed? The process is pretty straightforward and easy. The hard part is making sure you have all the necessary documentation and paperwork in hand. Once this is achieved the actual registration process is manageable and swift. Of course it helps if you have a qualified professional or company to assist with this. It takes away the headache and speeds up the process even further. Planning and forward thinking will save time and ensure there are no last minute hiccups. Setting up a company offshore offers many opportunities and possibilities located on the doorstep of the E.U., North Africa. or Asia. 

There are so many pitfalls that can occur that one wants to minimize problems as much as possible. So many things that need to be considered such as…

Your Idea. Yes, is it actually a good idea or just pie in the sky. Research your idea. Research your idea. Research your idea. First and foremost it must be viable, possible to achieve and profitable.

Market Research your idea. On your own if necessary. If your business is a restaurant; go and check out your competitors menus, prices and specialities. Is there demand for your product or service? Is there a niche in the market? Is there space for another competitor in the market? All these questions need to be examined and researched. You need to be completely familiar with the market before investing money and time. You may even want to conduct surveys or questionnaires to find out people’s preferences and fine tune your product or service accordingly.

A business plan is a very useful tool. Not only for your own business but also if you need to open a bank account and possibly get funding or financing. Make sure it is as detailed as possible, leaving nothing to chance and no last minute surprises. The business plan with provide you with an outlook of your future plans for the business. It will help you project costs (and income). The business plan is a powerful tool that allows you to show third parties (and yourself) the viability and sustainability of your idea.